Life Update: First Few Weeks as a Senior in College

”Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”

— Thomas A. Edison

I stumbled upon this quote a few weeks ago and it really spoke to me in the sense that life was can be really overwhelming, and that our only result to find relief is to just give up to make life easier for us.



This was my case when I began my senior year in college about five weeks ago. At first, I was really excited to start my last year in college and was ready for all the things I wanted to achieve this school year, as well as making a name for myself before I graduate. But later on, I found myself reliving the same anxiety I had experience back in freshmen year. What probably triggered this anxiety was realizing that this is my last year in college and that whatever I do now would define my future career. The pressure of studying for GRE, looking at potential grad schools, trying to stay on top of school schedule and trying to keep a good GPA before I graduate is really overwhelming.


Indeed my excitement made me take on too many responsibilities that I feel I should have really considered before committing to them. First, I’m currently on a 19-course unit alongside being a peer mentor for the NSME department in my school. In addition to that, I am the president of the International Student Club on my campus as well also conducting an Geological independent research with one of my Geology Professor.

By the fourth week, my stress level increased substantially because I was still trying to get myself accustomed to managing all these tasks as well as filling up graduate school applications; it really affected my mental health so much that I thought about quitting all these responsibilities that I had committed to. So I had to take a step back and talk to myself about why I had taken these opportunities and if it really was worth it. My alone time on really processing these thoughts, I found out that I was really passionate about this responsibilities. Therefore, I took my time to figure out how I can manage all these tasks with little to no stress.

Last week Saturday I celebrated my 21st birthday with my amazing friends and they really made me feel so special. Our trip to L.A to celebrate my birthday really helped to bring down my stress level. Click here to read the blog on my birthday trip.



I’m back to school again and I’m still trying to navigate my way through all these impossible yet satisfying responsibilities, but I remain hopeful that everything will work out well with all my endeavors. 



Leave a comment on how life’s been going in for you and what tips you’ve been using to make it more easy to manage. Until next time, be favored.




My 21st Birthday — L.A. Trip

Hello and welcome back,

I am so excited about writing this blog because I finally turned 21 yesterday. Woohoo!!!

I know right? I’m officially legal. So I’ll be sharing few details of what went down on my birthday and I’ll try my best to keep this blog very short and straight to the point.

My roommate Debra was the mastermind behind all the activities we planned for my birthday and I’m really grateful for how perfect everything was planned as well executed. According to the itinerary set, first thing at 7:30 am was to pick up our friends and head straight to Malibu, California.  We didn’t get there on time but it was all good. once we arrived in Malibu we took a nice stroll on the Pier, walked alongside the shore, relaxed in each others company while watching the beautiful scenery. We also did a mini photo shoot while we were there to complete the whole Malibu experience.

Our next destination was a visit to an African Resturant at Inglewood, Los Angeles. The African restaurant we visited was “Sumptuous African Resturant” where I and my friends ordered different Nigerian Cuisines to really get our day started with. I ordered a plate of  Jollof Rice with plantain and chicken. Although it took about 30 mins to get our food served, it was definitely worth the wait because I did enjoy my meal.

After eating our meal, we were off to the Getty Museum. I’m glad my roomie added the Getty Museum as one of the destinations for the day because the arena was really beautiful and captivating. The fact that I was surrounded with the people I love and beautiful works of art that are both old and new was such a pleasant experience for me. I tried taking pictures with some of the painting in the museum but the workers watching the painting were too extra; they didn’t want anyone coming too close to any painting due to fear of ruining the paintings. Regardless, I still had a wonderful time at the Getty Museum.



Next on our agenda was to go “Hollywood Walk of Fame”. Our initial scheduled time to spend at the Hollywood Walk of Fame was 45 minutes to one hour but this never happened because the Los Angeles traffic was quite long and made us lag behind on our schedule so we just drove around the area for few minutes before we left for our next destination. Next item on the itinerary was to go to The Grove. The grove is one popular destination that is known for its fashion, lifestyle and shopping place in Los Angeles and that was one of the main reason why we wanted to visit there.


The Grove


Our last stop was to visit the Cheesecake Factory at The Grove considering we were still in the Grove. We had to wait 1hr 30mins to get a place for us to get seated and while we were waiting, we took a stroll around the grove; visited Barnes & Nobles to catch up on the latest novels that are out and do some light reading. We also visited some boutiques such as Micheal Kors, Coach, TopShop, Uggs store and a few others. After spending a while at these stores, we finally got a call that there was a table ready for us at the Cheesecake Factory to have our dinner.

The cheesecake factory was large and felt so nice and cozy and had a little touch of bourgeois to it which was what I needed to spice up my night. I ordered a Bacon bacon burger with fries which was delicious.

My highlight of the day was when the waiters brought an ice cream cake and sang happy birthday to me alongside with my amazing friends. I couldn’t be happier than to have spent my 21st birthday with a few of my friends.

Shoutout to my roommate Debra who took her time to organize this trip, my friends who came with me on my L.A trip, as well as family and friends who called or texted to wish me a Happy Birthday;  really grateful and appreciate your kind words.

Group photo @ The Malibu Pier


I couldn’t forget my readers who have also stuck by me for the past few months since I started blogging. I love Y’all.

Until next time, have a wonderful day.



Books To Consider Reading This Fall

Karina Mayer once said, “A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair.” I don’t know how many of you love spending time reading books as much as I do. There’s just something about opening a book and diving into the mind of the author’s and imagining the scenes of the book you’re reading being played in your head.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only once. —— George R.R. Martin

I’m not much of a fan of reading books on a tablet or any electronic device, even though it’s really convenient in terms of being able to carry it around with you anywhere. I usually spend a majority of my time using electronic devices for school and entertainment which is already bringing a lot of light intensity to my eyes. Therefore, I try as much as possible not read books on mobile devices.

There’s something special about holding a book in your hand, feeling the pages physically with your fingers and reading each line word for word. One of my favorite things is when I get to read an old book that has collected so much dust from the library, perhaps it is because I like the smell of dust. 

Anyways, I’m giving you a few books I think you should read this Fall. I believe we should always keep our mind busy; as we all know, we all learn every day and one way to learn is by reading; not necessarily novels, it could be news from social media, magazines and religious books, etc. Now let’s dive in.


The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela, by Sanm Venter


From the title of this book, you already know this book is about the letters the Late South African President Nelson Mandela wrote during his 27 years in the prison. During his imprisonment, he suffered the loss of his mother and eldest son and was denied attending any of their funerals. These letters were addressed mostly to his wife, children, friends, and fellow comrades. Being a very organized and eloquent man, Nelson Mandela kept records of all the letters he wrote and sent out. His letters were more of admonitions towards his family but he remained resilient despite being in despair. This book opens us to the how he escaped through this despair, taking his time to study law and several African languages while in prison. Nelson Mandela although long gone, his mark on earth will never be forgotten.


What a Time to Be Alone, by Chidera Eggegure


Chidera Eggegure is the founder of the hashtag “Saggyboobsmatter”. This book is a guide to help women find their voice and confidence to take charge of the body and life. Chidera gives women a good insight on how to handle being alone and finding peace within us. Having grown up in a Nigerian household and heard several Igbo proverbs from her parents, she used them in her book as a guide to help in women empowerment.


Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adeyemi  


This book is centered in Ilorin and Lagos, Nigeria. The main character is Zélie who is the child of a maji mother. This book is centered in Ilorin, Nigeria drawing from the author’s Nigerian background as well as incorporates the fantasy of both the western and African culture.  Magic is the major topic of this storyline but is painted as a harmful weapon and so the use of magic in Orïsha was restricted. In this book, Zelie is portrayed as an independent lady and exhibits the power of a black woman despite the circumstance she was in. Zelies main purpose here is to restore magic back to Orïsha by any means possible so she and others who possess magic can live freely.


Welcome to Lagos, by Chibundu Onuzo

Chibundun Onuzo is a Nigerian novelist who started writing at age 17 and became the youngest female to be taken by a publisher. Her book “Welcome to Lagos” is a book centered in Lagos, Nigeria what focuses on a group of misfit people (Chike and Yemi) who find other runaways who are on their particular mission to gun down innocent civilians. She gives her readers an insight into the streets of Lagos such as overpopulation and perhaps the everyday activities that occur in Lagos. Despite the poverty and corruption that is portrayed in Lagos, Chibundu does great justice in portraying the characters as being resilient in spite of the condition they found themselves in.

These are just a few books I recommend reading when you do have the time. I know a lot of people have resumed school and work may be getting a little bit crazy but having a good book to read helps to take your mind off work or school life.

Leave a comment on books you recommend others to read this fall. Have a beautiful weekend ahead.







Bridesmaid Fash-on

Hey, guys so last weekend, I had the opportunity of being a bridesmaid for my Aunt’s wedding and let’s just say the wedding was AMAZING!! My aunt decided to pick a beautiful decor combination consisting of purple, gold and grey color and a beautiful reception location here in Los Angeles.

This wedding took a lot of planning, canceling and rescheduling and I give kudos to my Aunt who was able to work through all this primarily by herself and had some help here and there.

Although we had a few disappointments that occurred before and during the wedding, I’m proud of how the groom and bride handled the situation and made sure to let these disappointments affect the entire wedding ceremony. Both the bride and groom brought their “A” game to the wedding and their dance steps were fleeky.

Considering it was a Nigerian wedding, both the bride and groom changed into the Igbo traditional attire for their reception which was beautiful and they made quite an outstanding appearance by dancing to their song choice “Nnekata”  by Flavour a Nigerian Music artist.

I’m glad my mom, little brother, and sister who are currently in Los Angeles spending their summer vacation with me were present during the wedding. I’ll tell you there’s just something about having your family present with you during a celebration and I love my mom and sister were really helpful to ease the stress off of my aunt before her wedding.

Below are pictures of my bridesmaid’s dress from the wedding


Dress: David’s Bridal; size 16

Shoes: Burlington; size 10

Until next time, have a beautiful weekend.



How To Excel In College This School Year


I don’t know how many of you are excited about this school year because I’m not!! This school year I’m taking a full course load (19 units) for my senior year in college, in addition to that, I’m also going to be a geology peer mentor for freshmen and also going to be the President of the International Student’s club. I’m sure you now understand how terrified I am already about starting my senior year.

Although terrified, I’m also happy to have all these responsibilities on my shoulders and I feel like this experience would help me in handling things more better and multitasking.

With school around the corner, I figured I’ll share some things you and I can do this school year to excel in school


Attend Social and Academic Events

One of the best ways to network and meet new people is by going to events that take place on campus or even outside the campus. There are various organizations, clubs and sometimes department that host several events throughout the school year which is one way to be more active on campus and makes you more diverse in conversations you hold. Sometimes professors even give extra credit for attending academic events which comes in handy when your grades are not the greatest and the best part about this is you’ll also bond with some of your classmates who are also looking for extra credits to boost their grades.

For me, I love attending events in campus especially club events because that’s where I met most of the friends I have now and also where I made group study partners for my Organic chemistry class.

So please don’t be afraid to attend events going on on campus, but you don’t have to attend all these events but pick the events that you feel you’ll most benefit from.


Stay on Top of Your School Schedule


Image result for succeeding in college


I’m not much of an organizer so I have suffered from lagging behind on school work and social life as well. So I decided to get a planner to keep all my schedules organized to help create extra time for me to spend with my friends or study for an upcoming exam.

It is important to know that having good organization and multitasking skills is key to succeeding as a college student because it helps when trying to stay ahead of your school work as well as getting an internship and other opportunities. Now some freshmen may get into college and think that college life is a lot similar to the way they handled high school but it’s a lot different. As much as you all may want to have fun all weekend, you need to understand that your priorities have changed and school is one of your top priority especially when there’s a whole lot of money being spent on tuition, room and board and textbooks.


Stop Procrastinating

I’ll tell you this, procrastination is the only consistent thing in a college students life. and the funny thing is after failing a midterm due to procrastinating you would expect that we learn from our mistake and actually stay on top of our schedule. Well, we don’t do that. In fact, we dive more into this procrastination business and continuously tell ourselves we’ll do better next time but we never do.

My point is, students should make a conscious effort into avoiding procrastinating and prioritize all your school work and social life to be able to excel in college. Life will just be a lot easier if you set your mindset onto avoiding procrastinating about everything.

Image result for planner

Ways To Prioritize Your Work To Avoid Procrastination 

  • Plan your schedule by utilizing a hardcopy or digital planner
  • Create a to-do list
  • Have a planner be it hardcopy or on your phone
  • Schedule deadlines for assignments, essays


Seek Help

Image result for seek help


I’ll be going into my senior year in college this fall and what I’ve learned through this college struggle is to never be afraid to ask for help especially when you feel too overwhelmed with school work or even life in general.

There are so many help services on campus you can utilize such as the Counseling Center, Health Center, Tutoring Center (every department pretty much has its own tutoring services), Professors office, Peer Mentor, Financial aid or Course Advisor. Now I won’t go in depth in explaining how useful these services but just know utilizing most of these services when you don’t seem to figure stuff out would help you in fully maximizing your chances at succeeding in college.


Get a Job 

Having a job on campus is much better than working outside your campus because they often work with your school schedule. Now the pay may not be as good as working outside campus, but you stand to benefit the sense of understanding you get from your boss about school being your number one priority before work.

Now the idea of getting a job may seem absurd for some students especially freshmen because they may think that they can’t balance work and school at the same time which is pretty okay. My thing is if you feel like you can’t handle both, you might as well focus on school and do it well. But if you are like some of us out there who have a job or several jobs, it makes you more responsible in the sense that you become a full-time multitasker which is an important skill when you do internships with your professors or at a firm and when you do find a job after graduating from college. As much as there are many benefits to working, there are some cons to working and schooling simultaneously. You just have to carefully think of how much impact working could have on your academics before making your decision.


Join A Club or Organization

Attending a club fair is one way to get involved in your campus and meet new people. it also gives you an insight of what club or organizations you want to be affiliated with throughout your college years.

I remember when I started college (three years ago) I dreaded the moment of interacting with people. Just the thought of going to events for the sole purpose of meeting new people scared the hell out of me. The problem was I felt people were going to make fun of me due to my accents and I was already insecure as it was for this sole purpose, my adjustment process here in America was long and stressful; as it is, I still haven’t fully adjusted, so you see, it’s definitely is one long journey.

A friend of mine suggested I go with her to the club fair at our school during my freshmen year so I can get comfortable interacting with people. Let’s just say it took me a year to take her up on the offer; (I know it’s crazy to think I took to long but it was important that I took my time in trying to adjust since I was in a new country all alone trying to figure out life as a 17-year-old). But I finally summed up the courage and attend the club fair with and that was the beginning of a blossoming friendship for me

Word of advice

I hope that freshmen and transfer students take the courage to attend club fairs and be open to meeting new people from diverse places. It’s such a great feeling conversing with people from diverse background 


Set Goals You Want To Achieve and Treat Yourself When you Achieve Those Goals 


Image result for setting goals and achieving them

Goals Goal Goals. it’s really important to set goals for yourself, be it life goals, career goals or goals for college. For the sole purpose of this blog, I’ll focus on goals for high school or college.

It’s best to set short-term goals for a school, that way it seems reasonable for you to achieve and set more goals. You can set weekly, monthly or even semesters goal such as setting time to study for an upcoming exam, finishing up an assignment a week earlier, working on your presentation a month early. When you do achieve those goals you set, you feel much better about yourself and how much effort you put into accomplishing your goals. Now it’s okay if you don’t achieve your desired goal, the important thing is looking back on previous goals you have accomplished and use that as a stepping stone to put in more effort into achieving other goals.

Spend time in treating yourself whenever you achieve your goal and also appreciate the people around you whenever they achieve the goals they set.

Ways you can treat yourself for goals you’ve accomplished is by spending quality time with your friends (this helps in destressing from school life), go for a walk, catching up on your T.V. Shows (I swear this helps so much),  AND compliment yourself ALWAYS.


Meet Up With Advisors/ Counselors

Related image

My reason for suggesting meeting up with your course advisor or school counselor is because I and so many other college students have benefitted from this. While you might think you can handle school life and figure out how to narrow your way through school; you can really save yourself the unnecessary stress of taking wrong classes that do not count towards your major because I’ve been there before and I don’t want you to go through this problem

Meeting your course advisor once or twice per semester/quarter can really help you in getting the detailed classes you will need to graduate on time. Some schools may require that you have two advisors (a general advisor and advisor for your major) and meet with them before signing up for classes each semester to help you navigate through your classes which I find it quite essentials especially for Freshmen (First Year students) who are new to college life and are trying to adjust.

As for some of you who don’t like meeting up with advisors, it’s your decision and that’s fine; but you should also look at how much people have benefitted from meeting up with their course advisors. From my own experience with meeting with my advisor, I have gotten into internship both in California and Pennsylvania; also made good friends with my advisors to use them as references for jobs or scholarships


These are just some of the things you can do to succeed in campus and these may work for some people and may not work for others. You just have to try these tips and see which of these tips works best for you, and also be open to explore other tips out that are available.




As you begin your preparation for school, be it high school or college, my word of advice is for you to take this experience as it goes and put your best into succeeding in school. Now I never said it would be easy for you; in fact, you’re gonna come across more challenges in college than you’ve ever had, but I believe in you and know that you have what it takes to come out with flying colors.

Until my next blog, do enjoy the remainder of your summer vacation before school starts.



Making The Most Out of This summer

Hello readers,

I know I have been gone for a few weeks but I promise it was for a great cause. I was involved in a Geology Research with few high school students which I enjoyed, but I’m back now and I’m ready to share with you some of the ways to make the best of this summer with you all.

What time is it? Summertime it’s our vacation (only High School Musical lovers would understand this) but anyways, summer is here and I’ll be filling you in on few ways to make the most out of this Summer and still remain sane (hopefully). So grab a drink, sit down and relax.

Read Some Books

What better way to divulge into this summer season if not to buy some books to read this summer. Now, if you’re a broke my college student like myself I suggest you take a trip to a good library, get few books that you are most likely to read and keep in them in good condition. However, if you do have the funds, you can invest in good books which can really help set your mood for this summer. I’ll be posting a new blog post soon about  “books to read this summer.” Hopefully, this might give you an insight into books you might want to consider reading.

Pamper Yourself

Always designate time to pamper yourself and one way you can do that is by going to the nail shop to get your nails done or shopping. As for me, I like to pamper myself by laying in my bathtub, surrounding myself with sweet-scented candles which really set my mood to be peaceful.

You can also decide to stay indoors and sleep to feel good, especially if you have been sleep deprived for so long due to work or school stress. Sometimes, all you need is some peace and quiet, alone time to let go of all the hustle and bustle to look forward to upcoming summer adventures.

Hangout With Friends

This summer although a beautiful weather in some places (where I currently stay is unbearably hot), it can be boring if you don’t get to share this season with your family or friendsYou can decide to have a little picnic with few friends, that way you can catch up on what’s been going on in their lives especially for those friends you haven’t seen in a while. As some of you know it’s the 2018 FIFA World Cup season (which ends today) and it comes with its share of craziness which is better shared with family and friends.

I have always watched the FIFA World Cup with family and let me say the spirit of togetherness we all share is nothing to write about but just to simply experience. It is just an awesome feeling when the people you love are supporting a common goal (which normally is for the Nigerian Super Eagles to will all their soccer games and to qualify to the next round). This year was different, I am far away from my family and considering most of my friends here in America aren’t really into soccer, I have to watch the soccer games alone which is not as fun as it was when I use to live in Nigeria.

This reminds me of how precious family is because we tend to realize their importance when we are away from them.

A Trip To Historical Sites

I know most people summer consist of just having fun trying to forget about school and sometimes work but I feel this summer should be different. You can take the time to visit a few historical sites to remind us of how much people had to sacrifice for us to live in affluence, to be better and achieve more than our forefathers. A trip to an art museum or national parks would really help change your perspective about life and appreciates the various talents people have.

Since I currently live in California there are few places I suggest visiting which includes The Oakland Museum of California,  Yosemite National Park, Alcatraz prison, San Francisco Bay, Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, and a few others.

Museums to visit in Africa includesIziko South African Museum: Cape Town, South Africa, Children’s Civilization and Creativity Center: Cairo, Egypt, Badagry Slave Museum: Badagry Town, Nigeria


Attend a Concert or a Club

I love to turn up and have fun and one way I do that is by attending a concert or a party. I get to meet new friends and learn new dance steps (which I think is really important). Now it’s important to know that attending some concerts requires some planning and savings to ensure you get the best experience.

Many of you might like being spontaneous but don’t be like me who decided to buy a concert ticket last minute which left a dent in my pocket. I’m not much of a clubber but I have few friends who got to clubs and they seem to always enjoy their time there. So go ahead and have fun at a club or concert with few of your friends. However, try looking into the area of the club you’ll be attending to determine if the environment is safe. 

Above all, you should not waste your summer sitting at home and complaining about how boring your summer is when you can do something about it. Take a risk and do something you haven’t done before but be reasonable about it. Try to have fun with your friends and be openminded about meeting new people because this summer may just bring you some crazy adventure or romance (my hopeless romantic self can’t help it. LOL).

I would love to know how you intend on spending this summer holiday. As for me, I’ll be going to Pennsylvania for a three-week geology program and I look forward to it. Until my next blog post, go ahead have some fun.



One Year Natural Hair Anniversary

Welcome Lovelies


As I celebrate my hair anniversary, I’m so excited to share my experience so far with you. It still feels like yesterday when I decided to big chopped my hair. The fears that came with this journey seemed insurmountable but with the encouraging words from friends & family, and the amount of growth I achieved every month really encouraged me to continue on with this journey. I began by transitioning from relaxed to natural hair for 11 months from August 2016 to July 2017 before I finally big chop on July 7th, 2017 My Natural Hair Transition Story

All through this one-year natural hair journey, I tried very few products but experimented with different hairstyles. My go-to hairstyle is the afro puff because it’s easy to style, and manage.

The pictures below show my hair growth and the syles I pulled off during this 1-year journey.


I did very few protective styling during my post big chop. I know most people emphasize doing more protective styles to prevent your hair from the harsh weather and also enable hair growth. I decided to do a few protective hairstyles and my hair really thrived in it. From my pictures above, you can see how much my hair grew in one year and how healthy it looks. For the first seven months, I used quite a lot of styling products on my hair because I wanted my hair to look like the ones I saw on Instagram and YouTube. I also clean my hair once every month by using apple cider vinegar and added pre-poo to my hair regime. Click Why Pre-Poo is Essential To Your Hair Regimen to find out how to pre-poo your natural hair.

All in all, this 1-year hair journey wasn’t an easy one but if given the opportunity to do this all over again I would do it in one beat. My reason being that I have learned so much and grown mentally from this journey. I learned to be patient not just in dealing with my hair in good and bad days, but also being able to tolerate people and their behavior though it may be challenging. I’ve also learned to accept myself, my hair, my curls, my odd hair texture, my body, my culture, my personality and every other aspect of my life. I had the opportunity to interact with other black women who have gone through similar experiences as I did. The joy I derived when I could connect with similar hair struggles especially in dealing with people who just randomly touch your hair because they find it fascinating.

Most importantly, what happened to simple courtesy to ask if you can touch one’s hair?

Here in America, I have had to deal with this issue so many time and I try not to be angry when people randomly touch my hair so as not come off as a “crazy African woman”. At this point, I don’t care if I may sound crazy for shouting at some random stranger who decides to touch my hair.  It only makes sense to seek consent before touching one’s hair.

Sorry for digressing but it is important that people know that we don’t find it appealing when people just go around touching our hair.



Below are pictures I took for my one-year length check.






What anniversary are you celebrating this summer? Do let me know. Until next time, have a splendid TURNT up summer.




Africa As a Whole

In light of celebrating 19 years of the Nigerian Democracy which was two weeks ago, I have figured I might as well use this opportunity to enlighten people about the African continent most especially the various cultural heritage in these African countries, Its history, and how these countries have evolved post-colonial era. 

As a Nigerian schooling here in America I have seen and heard a lot of false information and misconception about the African continent. I have therefore taken it upon myself to be a source of information and guidance to help in clarifying some basic misconceptions being spread around on social media. The idea of writing about information on all countries in Africa was gotten from the CSUB African Studnet Association. This club is aimed at informing students about the beautiful cultures in Africa that people aren’t aware of.

Each month, I would introduce a country in Africa and will be discussing the culture, people, education, history, fun fact, e.t.c. I would be explaining both the positive and negative aspect of the things going on in these countries and hopefully clarify the negativity portrayed by social media. 





Africa is NOT a country guys. it’s really funny though because I’m sure a lot of African or African Americans keep telling people that Africa is not a country but it’s really quite that in this day and age with high media coverage and great access to internet, people are still ignorant as to think that Africa really is just a country. It indeed is a continent with 54 beautiful countries in it. 

Africa is the second largest continent besides Asia which is the first. There are about 1200-2000 languages spoken; showing the diversity of languages, ethnic groups, and cultures in Africa. It’s important that you should know that there are also some African languages that have gone extinct so the number of these languages have reduced over the past hundred years. Sometimes these languages are based on the ethnic groups found in each African country, but some African countries share some similar languages and ethnic groups. An example includes Hausa language which is widely spoken in the Northern part of Nigeria and Southern Niger. Yoruba is also another language that’s been spoken in few Western Africa countries (Benin Republic, Nigeria, Sierra Leone), Brazil, and Cuba.

It’s also important to know that just because a person is from a certain African country necessarily mean that they speak the language based on the name of the country. For example, just because I am Nigerian doesn’t I speak Nigerian. it’s almost the same as asking a person from Mexico if they speak Mexican; which really doesn’t make any sense at all.


Our History

Africa was adequate before European countries decided to leave the comfort of their home and come to the shore of Africa to domite and colonize the countries in it. Britain, Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Netherland, Italy, Sweden, and a few others colonized most African countries.

Before the colonization was the Arabian and Atlantic slave which dispersed people all over the world, separated families. Several people from western, Northern and Eastern Africa were sold into slavery all over the world where they were forced into labor, were abused, discriminated all at the hands of the so-called “Slave Masters

Slavery is not an African history. Slavery interrupted African history.


This colonization of the African continent involved the Europeans having so much power in Africa, decided what happens, occupy their lands, and terrorizing the continent. Post-colonial era, the Europeans stole from us African, our artifacts which hold so much value representing our culture which resides was taken from us. now some of these artifacts were returned to us but there still remain others which are currently sitting in the museum display cases all over the world so people can view. while others might see it as art or representation of the African culture. The fact that our artifacts have not been fully returned to us I see it as though the pain our ancestors went through was all in vain.

I do hope someday that those countries who have lotted items from these African countries they suppressed over a hundred years ago would find the decency to return all their stolen item that holds great meaning to the history

The question that develops in my head is how would one really steal a significant item from their country with supposed malnourishment, poverty, and underdevelopment, but still have their artifacts displayed in your land for some sort of showcase or in some cased disguised under the umbrella of educational or awareness purposes. These stolen items are not your artifacts nor a representation of your people so why hold on to it?

Have Africans really benefitted from being colonized by the Europeans? The answer is No! Instead, these African countries strive each day to undo the political, economic, medical, and physical harm that the colonizers inflicted in this continent.

In spite the pain that we have suffered at the hand of the Europeans, I figured one way to heal would be informing others about what we have been through and how our people have been dispersed throughout the world.

I hope you will all learn a lot from my “Africa As a Whole” series to inform others around you.

So stay tuned for the first African country I’ll be discussing which is Rwanda. Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends and family.



Why Pre-Poo is Essential To Your Hair Regimen




Today I’ll be sharing with you a little bit of information on the importance of pre-pooing your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural, permed or even bleached; pre-pooing is still important. That being said, my focus will be primarily on pre-pooing natural hair. I hope you learn a lot from this blog post. So let’s dive in.




Pre-poo is the process of saturating your hair with an oil or aloe vera gel before washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner. Some people do their pre-poo a day before their wash day so the hair would be fully moisturized; while others decide to pre-poo their hair between 30 minutes to an hour before washing their hair. For this post, I did my pre-poo and let it sit in my hair for two whole days (crazy huh?). This was done unintentionally because I totally forgot I had signed up for a shift at an event on campus the following day so I let my pre-pooed hair stay a lot longer than I planned

My Hair Experience With Using The Pree-Poo Method

The first time I heard of pre-poo was during my transition hair journey. I stumbled on the videos explaining how pre-poo was done and its importance, so I binged watched several videos on pre-pooing and read some blogs to have a better understanding of this method. After watching these videos, I was really excited to try the pre-poo method my hair but it didn’t go as I had expected because I had two different hair textures. So I decided to stop pre-pooing my hair until I finally big-chopped. Check out my previous post on My Natural Hair Transition Story to see how I transitioned my hair.

When I finally big-chopped, I tried this “pre-pooing” method again and I can say that the result was a lot better than my previous experience and my hair felt more moisturized than ever. After seeing how much my hair flourished whenever I pre-pooed my hair, you would expect that I stick to this using the pre-poo method but no! My lazy ass self decided to remove the pre-poo method from my hair regimen and my hair suffered a lot. I got a whole lot of tangles in my hair whenever I washed it and the detangling process took too much of my time.

I think one of the main reasons why I stopped pre-pooing was that I felt it was too stressful and prolonged my wash day routine. But we all know that taking care of natural hair requires patience and time which can be a lot, especially when you have school work to deal with; which was my case.

With removing the pre-poo process from my hair, I noticed that my hair was really dry and had a difficult time retaining moisture.

In the first two days after my pre-poo & wash ‘n go, my hair seemed really moisturized, curl popping and looking all cute; but on the third day, it became really dry, hard and lacked moisture so I found myself needing to add water or cream every day to help with keeping my hair moisturized. Although the cream helped with sealing moisture in my hair, I noticed it started clogging the pores on my head, led to itchy scalp and my hair looked really flaky due to an increased amount of hair butter used during the week. So I decided to reduce the amount of hair butter I use on hair in the hope of reducing the itchy scalp. This wasn’t helpful at all so in introduced the pre-poo method back into my hair regimen.

I believe removing pre-poo from my hair regimen attributed to the loss of moisture retention in my hair, but another factor that may have contributed to lack of moisture was the shampoo I used in my hair regimen.

I’m really not going to go into much detail about the shampoo’s effect on my hair as a reason for lack of moisture. I will have to really look into this and get back to you guys on my supposed theory.

Before Pre-poo
After pre-poo: Back View


Benefits of Pre-pooing

1.Prevents dryness of hair when washing 

By pre-pooing your hair with natural oils like olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, Jamaican castor oil, and several others, it helps in keeping your hair moisturized so that when washing your hair, all the natural oil in your hair would not be completely stripped off which could lead to dryness of hair.

2. It helps in detangling the hair 

As we all know washing your hair without sectioning it can be really stressful but incorporating the pre-poo method before washing your hair can save your hair from tangling and possible breakage.

3. Helps in managing your time

By pre-pooing your hair, it helps soften the hair, keeps it moisturized and reduces the time to be spent in washing and styling your hair.

Pre-poo oil mixture containing Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Coconut oil, and Olive oil.



When pre-pooing, I incorporate the use of three oils which I really think is beneficial for my hair growth. The oils I use include:

How My Pre-poo mixture was made.

  • 3 Tbs of Jamaican castor oil
  • 5 tbs of olive oil
  • 4.5 oz of coconut oil

The oil mixture is added to an applicator bottle which is then placed in hot water so the oils can melt and mix evenly.


I start off by spraying some water on my hair using a spray bottle to make the hair a little bit damp. I then section my hair in 6 chunky twists to make the whole process easier for me. I unravel one twist, apply my pre-poo mixture on my hair and put my hand through it to let the oil saturate throughout that section. I then use my fingers to detangle before using a wide tooth comb to make sure there are no more tangles in my hair.

When using the comb, I make sure to start from the bottom to root to avoid more tangle and breakage in my hair. After detangling that section, I run my hand through it again to make sure there isn’t any tangle in my hair and then I retwist. I repeat the process to the remaining chunky twist. Once I’m done with all the sectioned twist and put it all in a shower cap or a plastic bag (your choice) on my hair to let the oil penetrate into my hair. I don’t normally have a designated time for how long I want my hair to be under the shower cap, I just go with the flow.

NOTE: You can keep your pre-pooed hair for as long as you want. you can also opt to use a hooded dryer to speed up the pre-poo process. 

Once I’m done with pre-pooing I saturate my hair with look warm water and wash it with a shampoo and a conditioner.

Pictures of wash ‘n go hairstyles I rocked after using the pre-poo method 



Day 4


Day 6

I’m sure by now you can see how this pre-poo method helps keep moisture in the hair and makes it look luscious throughout the week.

Let me know if you have tried this method before or will be trying it soon.

Until next time, stay moisturized



Understanding Your Self-worth​



I had a conversation with a friend last week and she really spoke about how family members demean her because she was plus sized. Funny enough I have experienced this issue so many times and it’s so sad that many women and men out there have had to deal with negative words from their loved ones, which has really made them feel so unworthy and valueless.

Why can’t people just let you be great and be yourself? I understand we all have the freedom of speech but why does it always have to be the negative words people say to others just to make them feel as though they do not fit to the society’s standard of an ideal man or woman.  Because of this, I have decided to share my thoughts with you about self-worth and I hope you all find your path to understanding your worth.

Self-worth is the value one upholds himself or herself to and the need to be respected by others.

Sometimes self-worth is influenced by the people around you, your experience and location but you should not let these factors determine how you see yourself.

Take for instance a person who’s had a missing father or mother figure would try to compensate for their lack of attention from their parents in their significant other.  Their high expectations for their partner to fill the gap of their parent’s lack of love would drive their relationship to the wall. Sometimes these family issues make them seek approval in shallow relationships all for some sort of love they never got.

Related image


We need to believe that we do not need to have someone rooting for us before we can be great. We live in a society that instilled in us that for one to be great your need someone by your side be it your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your family. This concept is so wrong. I think all you need is God and yourself; you already have the potential to be great all you got to do is trust in your self and your worth and only then would you see your product of greatness.

Successful people radiate self-esteem not self-disgust – Bo Bennett

We are our biggest enemy especially when we demean our self constantly and when we let the negative words people say get to you. So for you to be your greatest fan, you have got to look yourself in the mirror every day and say kind words to yourself. You may think this is silly but the power of positive words can do a whole lot in one’s life. Not just that alone, it creates a better atmosphere for you to understand that you are amazing, beautiful, handsome and have so much greatness to instill in the minds of others.

Thomas Carlyle says “Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” This goes to show that the little you have achieved even though you might consider it as nothing can help you see yourself in a more positive light when you are able to remember that you have achieved something so there’s really nothing that can stop you from achieving greater things. 


Knowing one’s self-worth doesn’t just apply to women alone, but men as well. I like to think men’s egocentricity is attributed to how they see themselves dictating their self-worth. While it’s easier to assume that most men are egocentric, there are still some men who are altruistic. Every human is a little too self-centered so the egocentrism of a man can be positive or negative. The difference is being appreciative of your self rather than demeaning others.

The man who does not value himself cannot value anything or more- Ayn Rand

Demeaning your self and constantly picking on your flaws can be damaging to your mental health that’s why its really important you know your value so people do not trample on your weakness.


How we can uplift our spirit to find our worth

Podcast and Blogs

As a person who loves to read, I always find time to read blogs or even listen to podcasts whenever I feel depressed. There are so many benefits of listening to podcasts but the one that really strikes me is how it can help with self-healing especially podcasts that serves the purpose of instilling self-positivity in the human mind.


Music a piece of art that has the power to change one’s mood. I cannot stress how much effect music has had in my life especially times that I cannot seem to find my voice or feel down in a community.


Meeting with a certified counselor can be helpful, especially if you feel you have reached a point where you cannot help yourself any longer. There are so many counselors out there, you just gotta search for one. For my fellow college students, we have counseling centers on campus and it’s free, so you might as well utilize this opportunity.

To wrap this up, your worth as a human can only one determined by you. If you hold yourself to a high esteem, others will too. So please find your voice and know your worth.